Who Is Venky And How Can He Help You Master Programming?

My name is Venky Karukuri, and I am deeply invested in the discipline of software architecture, design, development, and quality. As an alumnus of Osmania Campus Hyderabad - with a distinction in a master's degree - as well as possessing two USPTO-approved patents, I am continuously exploring ways to share knowledge through real-time examples. Brainstorming sessions with friends, colleagues and professors further ignite my aptitude for spontaneous problem-solving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why venkys.io?

Venkys.io’s uniqueness is in the course presentation with real-life analogies and knowledge tests. An experienced developer cum architect’s availability to clarify doubts and help you crack interviews. The courses are designed so that real examples are described and narrated for many complex topics that help aspirants understand and remember for a more extended period. The knowledge tests and mock exams help aspirants gain confidence in the subject and interview preparation.

What is the preferred mode of communication in case I want to talk to the trainer?

You can reach me on email contact@venkys.io, followed by whatsapp/telegram on +91 837 483 6597.

Is there a common forum or platform where all the subscribers can discuss and share?

Yes, there is an active telegram group for quick information exchange. You can also join in Whatsapp and facebook groups.

What if I don’t follow your teaching or I change my mind, to not to pursue this course after paying the fee?

In both the cases, you can decide to drop from the course before 3 sessions, and the full fee is refunded.